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Hide and Seek

She thought the last piece of the puzzle was lost. She thought the source that fed her hunger for art was gone. She thought the lighter that ignites the flame of imagination and creativity in her was empty. She wanted stories and songs to come to her with ease. She wanted to find relief in self-expression and retrieve the key that used to be with her at all times. She looked up and down and left and right, in search of the key that unlocks the door to her own creativity. All she saw was a blank canvas, an empty sheet of paper, and a guitar with no strings. And so, she gave up looking. If she had just looked behind her, if she had just turned around, she would have seen an ocean of creativity and imagination. She would have realized that creativity is never lost, it’s just playing hide and seek. It’s challenging her to find it, seeing if she deserves to have it.

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