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What If

The bird was at a crossroad. He needed to choose which branch to tread on. He didn’t know which would snap and which would not. He was scared and haunted by the words, “what if.”

What if the branch broke? What if there was more food on the other one. What if he couldn’t hold on to the branch he chose? He thought he’d made a decision when he took a step to his left. However, when birds landed on the other branch, he froze. Was this what he wanted? Was this the branch he was willing to commit to? he closed his eyes and took a leap of faith. The bird went on the branch that he had dreaded, the path that he had feared. When he got there, he felt his stomach clench; he felt a thousand drums beat in his ears. When he got there, he looked at the other branch and thought, “What if.”

#branch #bird #tree #decision #crossroad #sky

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