From the Eyes of a Butterfly

It has finally become a butterfly. Inside the cocoon, it had been left alone with its thoughts and expectations. It kept picturing the beautiful skies it would be able to roam and the sunlight it would be able to bathe in. When it was time for the new creature to emerge, the butterfly knew it was a start of a new life, a rebirth.

It batted its wings and flew away. As it explored the new world, however, it felt a deep sense of disappointment. Where were all the things she was promised? Where were the tall trees, the gentle sunbeams, the fresh air, and finally, the hospitable creatures that would receive it with open arms? The butterfly tried to live its life in peace, but it couldn't. Whenever it passed humans they reached for it; their fingers were long and unnerving. To the humans, capturing the butterfly was a mere game. Their hands opened and closed whenever they saw it. The butterfly began to experience the same fear it had when passing in front of a Venus flytrap.

The butterfly would get trapped between those fingers almost every time. When the butterfly was in the clutches of the humans, it was only exposed to darkness. The butterfly always escaped the man-made cave, not unscathed, however. The wings, it was once oh, so happy to have and oh, so happy to use had become frail.

They were no longer a source of pride, or hope for these wings could not help her escape the cruel and unforgiving cocoon of the human hand.

This was not what it signed up for! Flying through the skies with fear was not what it signed up for. Living life in fear was not what it signed up for!

The butterfly wanted to go back to its cocoon, where it was safe and where there was nothing that could harm it. The cocoon was dark at all times unlike the harsh outside world. Nonetheless, having no light at all in a cocoon was far better than having light but looking for darkness to hide from the stifling grasp of the human hand.

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