Don't Go

This picture is one of a dog, looking at the hand that was once helping him. The hand is pulling away and the dog's eyes are filled with sadness and fear of the future. The dog isn't used to a world where this hand doesn't have a role. The hand had always been there for the dog. It was as indispensable to him as was his fur in the winter. It is a source of warmth and security.

But the hand is beginning to leave. It is saying " I have done my job, and it breaks my heart but this is how it's going to be from now on. And don't worry, we will see each other soon, we will." The dog is not pleased, he is not happy. He feels hairless, vulnerable, and lost. Nevertheless, he knows that this helping hand is right and that it's departure is for good reason. The time has come for the dog to become and independent being. The dog would definitely miss how safe it felt around that hand. It would definitely miss the times during which they bonded. But most of all it would miss all the small things that they would disagree on, the qualities of the hand that it had once very much disliked.

"Only three weeks," says the hand as the distance between it's fingertips and the dog's nose becomes larger. The dog knows that three weeks isn't too long; but it also knows that it would feel out of place without the wisdom and guidance which it has gotten so used to. "Please don't go," the dog says, "Please." "There's nothing we can do about it." The hand replies.

Suddenly, the dog feels a disturbance in his system. As though his body wants to get rid of all emotions and the only portal to do that through is it's eyes.

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