Appreciation and Effort

"People tend to underestimate the effort done by others," the rods say with a voice that sends shivers down my spine. "I am in the middle of taking a tranquil picture of a lake!" I say, not even looking at the pieces of metal."What? The lake? Bahaha" The metals laugh, "We've seen more than one hundred people stand in that same position, take that same picture and walk away. And the funny part is that they are actually satisfied with their result!" "Well, what do you expect me to photograph then?" I ask sarcastically. "Photograph us!" They scream with a clang. "What? Photograph you? You're just two poles stuck together! What's so special about that?" I retort. "Excuse me? Metal sticks!? Bite your tongue! Ugh, I hate how humans can't see past their nose! " Starting to get furious, I say" If you're so smart, how would you explain the message behind such a picture?" "Well, the explanation would go something like this...

This picture is of two steel rods. The steel rods are connected with each other, tightly. And they are mad. They are mad because people look at them like two pieces of metal that just exist; they look at them like they are a normal sight to see. They have been so tightly attached to each other that they have the same minds, so tightly that it's as though they are one. If someone would just take the time to look at these objects, he would realize that years have come and gone, draining their colors, and yet, these bars are standing strong. If someone would just take the time to observe, he would see beauty. And thus, he would have appreciation. These bars are joined by a wire, one that isn't "merely" tied. There is a lot of effort put into these small knots that you see. There is a lot of effort and detail put into the twists, the turns, and even the cutting of this wire. This implies that when people work hard and put a lot of effort into making things work, their end result won't crumple to pieces, it will not collapse. It will last through the rain and the storms. Nevertheless, some people forget that a lot of energy is put into perfecting everything around them. And so, big or Small, all must be appreciated."

... I then changed the subject of my photograph, without a doubt.

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