Spark of Color

This is a picture of a young girl who has her whole life ahead of her. She feels like she's drowning, like her own imagination is suffocating her. She is happy, she really is. Nonetheless, everyone needs an escape sometimes. They need an escape from reality, even an escape from the voices inside their heads.

The girl is trying hard to breathe and clear her mind. She is trying to find the spark of color in the lifeless skies, the gray clouds, and the insipid waters. However, after many tries she realizes that she can't force the demons away by trying to breathe. She can't get rid of the monsters by breathing because it's something she does every moment of every day. She realizes that in order to actually begin to feel better, she needs to do something different.

She needs to work hard and try to make a change. In other words, she needs to leave this beach and this colorless landscape and see that the spark of color she is looking for, is her.

In the picture, she is what gives the image life and color. Nevertheless, just like we, the outsiders, can choose between focusing on this young girl and what she adds to the photograph or focusing only on the characterless landscape behind her; she can choose between being angry with her life, and leaving it the way it is, or actually doing something about it.

As imperfect human-beings, we often forget that our bodies need a break every once in a while. Sometimes we need to stop all the thoughts in our heads, all the jumping to conclusions, and all the negativity...Sometimes we just need to say "Hold on," and "what can I do to make this situation better?"

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